Administrative Specialists

Financial Specialist

Services include:

  • Systematic documentation of financial transactions

  • Preparation, maintenance, audit, and reporting of financial records

  • Management of accounts payable and accounts receivable

  • Recording, summarizing, and reporting the stream of transactions and economic activity

  • Identifying, measuring, analyzing, interpreting, and communicating financial information to managers for the pursuit of an organization’s goals

  • Analysis of pricing models

Marketing Specialist

Services Include:

  • Creation and sharing of original content for various social media (SM) platforms

  • Creation of original content for website development and advertisement purposes

  • Includes usage of creative content platforms         along with various photo/video-taking applications

  • Engagement with other SM accounts in ways of communication, networking, and interacting with other local businesses

  • Ad boosting and SM account statistics including post interactions, new accounts reached, etc.

  • Posting updates about important business events, opportunities, pertinent information, etc.

  • Filter customer inquiries from SM platforms and direct them to their appropriate business contacts/departments

  • Develop and manage the business website in means of aesthetics, and overall design/layout of the site

Experience Specialist

Services Include:

  • Process development

  • Create an effective and efficient experience for employees and customers  

  • Human resource operations including, but not limited to, payroll oversight, state and federal employer responsibility oversight, and company policy and procedure creation and management

  • Customer experience and satisfaction procedures and assessment

  • Software management and implementation

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